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Nanette: A Very Brave Dog

and how one little dog showed her life

Comment on Picture Below

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Well, there's a thing!! Today, I took Nanette to the Cafe and as you can see in the picture below, something new happened! something very encouraging and very ' normal'.....whatever that is? shall we say'usual'?

 She sat beside me as usual until I detached the lead and gave her a slight push saying ' Go on, explore....go and see that dog over there....' After a minute or two's hesitation, that is precisely what she did and then went off round the corner out of sight and I found her asking ( very politely ) to share the meal of the woman in the picture.

 This is Nanette breaking new ground and I am delighted!! Many very sweet doggies go to this Cafe and she willl make a few good friends!! Bravo Cherie, Bravo!!! xxx

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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated - Mahatma Gandhi

I am life which wills to live
in the midst of life which wills to live.
-- Albert Schweitzer

By respect for life
we become religious in a way
that is elementary, profound
and alive.

-- Albert Schweitzer

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