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Nanette: A Very Brave Dog

and how one little dog showed her life

Jil's Blog

Jil's Blog - 16th Jan 2009

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An article on 'Happy Pills for Pet' was printed in the British Press a few days ago and we reproduced it here on the front page. We are told that there is a $33 billion market in the United States in response to a supposed increase in Canine Depression, Obesity, Amnesia, Separation Anxiety Disorder and 'Compulsive Behaviour Disorder'!! Sounds more like a modern teenager doesn't it? It's fairly certain that a combination of heavy marketing by drug companies who care only about profits plus 'unconscious' owners who want a 'simple solution' in the form of a pill are set to explode the market into other countries!!

The animal community has little hope of avoiding the fall out of our utter selfishness and blank refusal to face our own problems!! I believe it was in the same daily paper that I read a story connection with this article.....that described a married couple whose dog  was 'restored' to normality' by a prozac type drug!! Apparently, this dog started to hide from the owners under tables and chairs and also became very 'depressed'!! I ask you in all honesty...What do you think caused the dog to become depressed and hide from its owners?? I truly wish we could discuss it over a drink!!!


Jil's Blog - 4th Jan 2009

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Some of you will have seen the story of HOBO in the Daily Mail. The pictures and account in brief are in the Forum here under 'Rescued Dogs'.   The owner responsible is now facing charges. Our first reaction is often anger and the thought of revenge and punishment. I myself, am certainly not immune from such extremes!! But supposing I don't want to get caught up in such reaction,which throughout history to this very day is the fundamental reason for all wars and divisions of all kinds. Supposing I ask the question, WHY? is this happening in our society? What are we doing or not doing? What could we do that's different and could change such situations? I don't claim to know the answer but I have an idea which Nanette and Bertie have somehow instilled in me.


Jil's Blog - 30th Dec 2008

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Poor old Bertie!! Perhaps I should change his name to 'Dracula'!!  He...We have had a couple of difficult days! Difficult but interesting because it gave me more insight into his previous life with another owner. I adopted him 8 months ago now. When I first adopted him, he was very aggressive, very hysterical and was prone to vivid nightmares... bit me three times in the first week. I simply didn't react. He would often wake hysterical in the night. Happily, we haven't seen any of that for about 2 months now until yesterday, thanks also to Noah's Ark Essences!! which are 'Magical'.


Jil's Blog- 28th Dec 2008

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Sometimes I go to a printing/photocopying shop in my little French town which is owned by a French couple. Their German Shepherd was a familiar sight lying on the floor, waiting patiently for the next walk. He took a great liking to Nanette and always strolled across to greet us. I noticed that his collar had a 'rigid' look about it and there was a handle on it!! I touched it one day and felt for some flexibility.... there was absolutely none! I asked John ( not his real name ) if it was an electric collar? He said 'No' and explained it was a collar which gave maximum control and that he could just grab the handle.

Jil's Blog - 20th Dec 2008

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Bertie growled as we entered the 'Dog Shop'. I saw Madame force a smile from out of the corner of my eye!! It appeared that we all had a vivid memory of the recent visit in which, despite Bertie!, we bought him a red woollen coat because of the exceptionally low temperatures!!!  I also noticed her reach for the muzzle!!!

Nanette, Bertie and I entered and I explained that we now needed a raincoat!! We had a week of solid rain and poor Bertie at 5 kilos and close to the ground was really suffering!! There were two small terriers in the 'front parlour' where you go when you have had your coat massacred and been subjected to a torrent of water called a bath! I must say, they looked pristine clean and were not slow to demonstrate their superiority!

Then there was another fluffy 'society' girl on the high table, attached by a chain to a bar  .....she was very keen to watch the coat trying session...perhaps she fancied Bertie??..... and was perilously near the edge of the table with curiosity! one small slip and she would hang herself by the chain!!! Madame obviously knew something I didn't as she was unconcerned.


Jil's Blog - 16th Dec 2008

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There's an article in the Daily Mail today which although a familiar story I'm afraid, brings something that as a race we would perhaps prefer to hide from into sharp focus!! ( Please see under Latest Articles ).

As I glance across at Bertie cuddled up on the sofa ( tut tut!! ), I remember the day about 8 months ago when he found himself with his ailing 15 year old mother in a cardboard box on the side of the road. Mimi, his mother, was both blind ( almost ) and deaf!! and his suffering as he tried desperately to protect her was appalling!!

What is it about humanity that for all our supposed intelligence, makes us the most insensitive, cruel and fearful race on the planet? Is it not true that all inhabitants occupying Planet Earth have an identity card? Do we not all possess a DNA.....a code which is with us at the moment of entry into this dimension, a code that says we have the right to be here and to live freely in a natural state as appropriate for our species?

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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated - Mahatma Gandhi

I am life which wills to live
in the midst of life which wills to live.
-- Albert Schweitzer

By respect for life
we become religious in a way
that is elementary, profound
and alive.

-- Albert Schweitzer

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