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Nanette: A Very Brave Dog

and how one little dog showed her life

Jil's Blog

Agree with thine Adversary part 4

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I went into the village this morning as usual to walk Nanette, take a coffee and work on a musical score. At first I went to  buy some salad for this evening's meal and just outside the stall in the Rue Marche ( quaint medieval Lane ), who should I almost bump into but....yes, you're spot on!! Mme Bleach!!

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Part three of ' Agree with thine Adversary '

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I am wondering if the Universe has some kind of ' joke' up it's sleeve!! What do you think? This morning it was snowing and Nanette went straight into the shoe cupboard...that means ' No', I'm not coming out '. I respect that.

I had an urgent letter to post ,so I made for the village post office slowly but surely. There was the usual queue and I sensed the unrest straight away as I entered !! Two women before me were very agitated and for good reason. The Customer at the desk was carrying on a tirade of complaint....not at the postal services but as far as I could understand, about some neighbours!!

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Agree with thine Adversay!

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'Agree with thine Adversary' , was my approach to yesterday's drama described below. Nanette is a ' Master' of this technique. I can be confident that she will meet any dog of any disposition, however extreme and never react.

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The day before yesterday, Nanette and I wandered along the path you see below. Innocent enough isn't it?? Nanette loves the peace, the grasses and herbs growing at the side of the path and in the hedges and for the most part we meet no one there.

 As a result of an experience there that day, I had to phone my friend Douchka and ask ' is this the 21st Century? is it 2012, the year that we are promised greater awareness, the year we become more conscious??.....I was sort of pinching myself if you like!! We had a good giggle as I told her why I asked these questions and what had happened.

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YOu'll never believe this!!! but it's true!!

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Nanette and Jil's other interests!

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If you'd like to know what else Jil and Nanette do, have a look and listen on  Nanette I may add is a Wagner fan!!!

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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated - Mahatma Gandhi

I am life which wills to live
in the midst of life which wills to live.
-- Albert Schweitzer

By respect for life
we become religious in a way
that is elementary, profound
and alive.

-- Albert Schweitzer

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