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Nanette: A Very Brave Dog

and how one little dog showed her life


Bertie, a remarkable improvement!!!

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Rosi's Essences for Spine alignement and Trauma arrived 3 days ago and I started treating Bertie the day they arrived....6th Feb to be precise!! (Noah's Ark Essences) I know the Trauma essence from my use of it with Nanette. This was magical!! Not immediately but over a period of time, Nanette emerged from a nightmare world of emotional pain and fear.

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Bertie- 27th January

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Where were we?....Ah yes. Bertie had been to the osteopathic vet. Unfortunately, the steroid she put him on to sustain the improvement in the spine made him sick....not just ordinarily sick but 24 hours of vomiting. Poor boy was very bad. So we had to return to our vet, with Bertie half of his weight before all this started and she prescribed some medication to heal the damage done by the steroid to the lining of his stomach!!! Another example of 'medical insanity'!!!

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Bertie - 23rd January

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I'm sorry to say that Bertie is poorly!! it appears he has a herniated disc. For two or three days, he was looking a bit 'crooked' and was in a good deal of pain....of course, we went to the vet. A steroid injection did something but not as much as I hoped. Yes, I do prefer natural remedies but there are times when one should be thankful for medical help. It's a question of balance and some discrimination I think.


Mimi and Bertie

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One day in April 2008, a man was seen drawing up in a 4x4 on the route near Marseilles, S.France. The observer watched as he lifted a cardboard box from the car and shoved it on to the side of the road outside the gate of the local vet. He then drove off at speed.

The woman who witnessed this watched in horror, as two tiny miniature dachshunds struggled out of the box and in a totally disorientated state wandered out on to the route. Mimie ...put at 15 years old by the vet was blind and Bertie...8 years old and probably her son, was in an extremely emotional and hysterical state. The woman rushed out and swept them up and took them to safety at the vet. They were then placed in a Refuge.


Bertie & Mimi arrive

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In April this year two mini teckels dogs entered my life: Bertie and Mimi. Their story is one of compassion, of brutality but also about the generosity of people. Without knowing it, these two frail little dogs were to change, not just my life, but that of Nanette too.


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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated - Mahatma Gandhi

I am life which wills to live
in the midst of life which wills to live.
-- Albert Schweitzer

By respect for life
we become religious in a way
that is elementary, profound
and alive.

-- Albert Schweitzer

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