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Nanette: A Very Brave Dog

and how one little dog showed her life


Bertie 4th June 2009

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Here is Bertie today!! Transformed from an aggressive 'horror' on four legs, who bit me several times in the first few months after his Adoption and was a potential danger  to everyone else !!The hand in the photo belongs to Alice aged French Grandchild.

At one time, it would never have been possible to touch this Dog without an aggressive reaction but after one year he enjoys having his tummy rubbed!!

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Bertie and the Scorpio Full Moon 8/9 May 2009

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Last Night , Bertie again started a ' Fit' at 3am. We need look no further than the Scorpio Full Moon which was at it's height around 5am ( uk time ). He came out of his bed whimpering with his bedding on his back looking for all the world like ' Florence Nightingale' or ' Old Mother Hubbard' !!  Actually, it was a ' Fear of a Fit' Episode....He thought it was going to develop.

I hastened to my Healing Area and set up a Radiesthesia Chart using Arnica and a Homeopathic Sedative as before. Before long he was back in his bed and asleep. The rest of the night passed without further incident....mercifully.

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Bertie-20th April 2009

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I'm smiling!! it's not often I allow myself  a ' pat on the back ' but I have reason. When Bertie first arrived, he was such a difficult hysterical, aggressive, frightened and unmanageable frankly!! This was a year ago this month.

 One of his most objectionable daily habits was peeing in the house....not once, twice but several times a day and in several different places. In those days, one had to be very careful about how you picked him up if you didn't want to get bitten!! He would see me find his wet patches....rush to his bed, growling and threatening to defend himself with attack.

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Bertie - 10 April 2009

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Bertie became very poorly again as I reported in the Forum.  I knew already from past experience that the vet would only be able to offer steroid again! and we probably all remember that it made him very sick. I still went to the vet though!!! I had the idea that if this couldn't be healed, I should put Bertie out of pain. I asked the vet, 'What would you do in my place?'...she pondered a moment and then said 'I'd give the steroid another try' so...I did.

The results were the same, he was terribly sick after only one dose and that in spite of the stomach buffer she also prescribed!! What to do? I looked at Bertie long and hard, trying to figure out what was for the best.....Here is a dog who loves his food, just found a home where he could relax ( or at least practise relaxing!! ), loved his games and was fast learning that humans can sometimes be very kind and loving. This brought me to a moment of Truth !! a moment in which I had a conversation with myself....a long overdue conversation in fact.

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Bertie - 27th March 2009

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Bertie had a go at another 'Rabbit' today!! The only problem was that this was a mistake on his part because  the 'Rabbit' was a Human!!  That dog is a 'Mauvais Reve', or if you prefer English....'A Nightmare'!! Of course, Bertie is also adorable, but on this occasion??

We were walking along with the lead attached on our way to an office to deliver some papers. As Bertie didn't want to go in the same direction as I intended! I was obliged to sweep him up and tuck him under my arm. He's quite used to this so normally there's no problem.

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Bertie - a Miracle!! 3rd March 2009

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How do you feel about 'Miracles' ? Personally, I just love them!! and furthermore, I expect them!! Maybe that's the key? who knows!! Today, I took a very poorly Bertie to the consulting room of my Osteopath, as arranged. He hated the car journey...I can see this still reminds him of a traumatic event! After all, we must remember that he was bundled into a car in a cardboard box and eventually dumped on the side of the road!! This continues to resonate with him in the car and especially on long  journeys.

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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated - Mahatma Gandhi

I am life which wills to live
in the midst of life which wills to live.
-- Albert Schweitzer

By respect for life
we become religious in a way
that is elementary, profound
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-- Albert Schweitzer

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