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Nanette: A Very Brave Dog

and how one little dog showed her life

Bertie in a hole!!!

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If it hadn't been 3am, i would have howled with laughter at Bertie during the night. I heard him at about 3 and thought..' oh, it's just a dream he's having'....turned over to go back to sleep, but he persisted and this time, it was ' urgent'

 I went in to the lounge where they sleep and there he was..on the couch in his normal place but covered with his blanket and his head sticking out of a large hole!!!

 When he first came to live with me, he was in the  habit of endlessly chewing his blankets. Although he doesn't do that now, I kept the blankets and the holes seem to have ' grown' over time!! Well...there he was ,completely stuck with his head tightly fitting into this hole and  the rest of the blanket imprisoning him!!

 You'd think he would be grateful to be freed!! not a bit of it....he growled ferociously at me and I thought he might bite. Anyway, eventually with alot of twisting, pulling and squirming.....he emerged! It was the most amusing sight...if it hadn't been 3 in the morning, I'd have taken a photo!!! Grrrrr....... 



"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated - Mahatma Gandhi

I am life which wills to live
in the midst of life which wills to live.
-- Albert Schweitzer

By respect for life
we become religious in a way
that is elementary, profound
and alive.

-- Albert Schweitzer

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