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Nanette: A Very Brave Dog

and how one little dog showed her life

Bertie and the New Moon

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Yesterday saw a strange event with Bertie. I was in the kitchen doing what people do in the kitchen and suddenly I heard him cry and then it turned to a scream.!.Naturally I went to him and he growled , adopting the attack mode!! It seemed he was on the fringe of a fit.
I scanned my brain for the astrology and realised the reason....Moon about to be New in Scorpio tomorrow....possibly the most sensitive place for this weekend, a Saturn/Pluto square....this means something like ' facing the Uncompromising Truth'...
I couldn't get near him to give the Moon Essence so I resorted to Radiesthesia and broadcast the Homeopathic took a little while but finally he was normal, he's having his Moon Essence. Stupid me!! I had not remembered the New Moon and in this particular part of the chart..
I do hope a difficult planetary scenario wasn''t too unpleasant for all of you and your animals!  Bertie...this morning ( Monday ).... is just fine and responding to the new energy available by trying to persuade Nanette that it would be a good idea to have babies!!! Not a hope of course ...Grace le Bon Dieu....because she is sterilised and 27 kilos and dear old Bertie, although fully intact is at a mild disadvantage at 5 kilos!!! have a good day all....xx
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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated - Mahatma Gandhi

I am life which wills to live
in the midst of life which wills to live.
-- Albert Schweitzer

By respect for life
we become religious in a way
that is elementary, profound
and alive.

-- Albert Schweitzer

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