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Nanette: A Very Brave Dog

and how one little dog showed her life


Bertie after death!!

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THis is just for my friends who love dogs. It has been my experience and mine alone, I don't care whether people believe me or not.

After Bertie 'died' and he was buried beside little Mimi in my small garden, Nanette and I were so sad.

 It was 24 hours ( quite quick in my experience ) that I saw Bertie....yes . He was sitting comfortably on a cushion which seemed to be a yellowy /gold colour. He was looking straight at me with face and ears very alert. The cushion was being held by what appeared to be a muscular arm and I got the impression of a wrestler!! this filled me with dismay!! until I allowed my awareness to expand ( one cannot see by looking !!! ) , then I noticed the large stomach and head of ' the wrestler' and saw that it was a type of Buddha....that was something of a relief! ,

. To the right was a tall....very tall Being clothed in a head to foot scarlet cloak with strips of gold shining in it.. The Buddha was using his right hand in a stroking movement and withdrawing what I felt was negative energy from Bertie......I came to understand that it was a clearing process of alll the pain he accumulated in his little life and which, in spite of my efforts some deposits remained.

  He was like this for a few days and then sometimes not on the cushion but playing on the ground with other small dogs. Finally, he was becoming more and more transparent on the cushion and when on the ground ,he merged into one dog with several others! Then he would break away again into his individual identity as indeed did the others....and so it went on.

 Yesterday evening, I did some healing for a friend and blow me, there was Bertie lying quietly at my side, fully participating in the process just as he would do when in the body. I felt his love and knew it was always ' present'....Time is after all an illusion which belongs only to the earth dimension.

The Buddha and the tall Being who was overseeing the whole process ,have now also become more transparent and are gradually fading. The work is done. xxxx

Last Updated ( Monday, 28 February 2011 21:46 )

Bertie euthanased

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I took Bertie to the vet yesterday owing to some worrying symptoms. A deep heart cough, often choking and obviously finding exercise very difficult. He had an x ray of heart and lungs......this showed an enlargement of the heart which we already knew about, plus some fluid in the lungs. He was also very dehydrated.

 The vet gave him a steroid injection. He had a bad night ( not unusual ) and this morning was ' choking' alot and I decided ...enough is enough.

 He was euthanased at 11.30 in my arms with Nanette beside us and when I said to the vet ...'pity we don't have some music'. She scuttled off and came back with a player and a CD. I recognised it but wasn't sure what it was until it dawned on me that it was my Requiem!!!! which I completed in ' 97. I had given her a  disc!! Wasn't that beautiful.

I carried him home and put him in his comfortable bed with music and all the normal sounds around him. When his body was cold , a few hours later, a friend came and buried him next to Mimi ...his Mum ,who I adopted 3 years ago with him. RIP Bertie xxxxxx

Last Updated ( Friday, 18 February 2011 21:27 )

Bertie in a hole!!!

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If it hadn't been 3am, i would have howled with laughter at Bertie during the night. I heard him at about 3 and thought..' oh, it's just a dream he's having'....turned over to go back to sleep, but he persisted and this time, it was ' urgent'

 I went in to the lounge where they sleep and there he was..on the couch in his normal place but covered with his blanket and his head sticking out of a large hole!!!

 When he first came to live with me, he was in the  habit of endlessly chewing his blankets. Although he doesn't do that now, I kept the blankets and the holes seem to have ' grown' over time!! Well...there he was ,completely stuck with his head tightly fitting into this hole and  the rest of the blanket imprisoning him!!

 You'd think he would be grateful to be freed!! not a bit of it....he growled ferociously at me and I thought he might bite. Anyway, eventually with alot of twisting, pulling and squirming.....he emerged! It was the most amusing sight...if it hadn't been 3 in the morning, I'd have taken a photo!!! Grrrrr....... 


Bertie in the Wars again...!!!!!

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Poor Bertie!!

He was playing ball with my grandchild and myself this afternoon when suddenly, he limped towards us with blood pouring out of his front left paw!! ...

 I saw at once he had ripped the claw from it's ' bed' and went immediately to the vet.




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Bertie run over by a cyclist!!

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 13 April 2010 12:41 ) Read more...

Bertie and the New Moon

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Yesterday saw a strange event with Bertie. I was in the kitchen doing what people do in the kitchen and suddenly I heard him cry and then it turned to a scream.!.Naturally I went to him and he growled , adopting the attack mode!! It seemed he was on the fringe of a fit.
I scanned my brain for the astrology and realised the reason....Moon about to be New in Scorpio tomorrow....possibly the most sensitive place for this weekend, a Saturn/Pluto square....this means something like ' facing the Uncompromising Truth'...
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